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Slew of Scholarships Awarded at SCCZ

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At the Commencement 2017, SCCZ awarded a slew of 94 scholarships to the tune of Rs.4,01,000/- to deserving students. The major scholarships were the SSF Scholarship established in 2010 by the Single Step Foundation, USA, and the Grace EduCare Scholarship established in 2015 by the Grace EduCare Foundation, USA. 

The SSF scholarships were awarded to 54 female students based on financial and merit-based criterion. The Grace EduCare scholarships were shared by 7 Claretines. The other scholarships awarded were: SCCZ Academic Scholarships; SCCZ Merit Awards; SCCZ Residential Scholarships; Fr. Tomy Award; Edacheriparampil Mathew-Elizabeth Scholarship; Gigi-Mini Scholarship; Saju-Bindu Scholarship; and Thresiakutty Memorial Scholarship.

These scholarships are beside the APST scholarship that 95% of the students of the College receive from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Ishan Uday Scholarship from UGC received by around 24 Claretines; the SJVN Jubilee Scholarship received by 20 Claretines; and the Arunachal Times Media Scholarship for the Mass Com course.

Such ventures are testimonial to the commitment of SCCZ to make higher education accessible and rewarding for its students. 

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